19,3 ha land plot

LLC Baltijos Turto Holdingas owns 19,3 h of agricultural land in the Trakai region, Vazničionys village. The total area of the land plot consists of:

  • 16,27 ha – arable land;
  • 0,85 ha – meadows and pastures;
  • 1,7 ha – forest;
  • 0,48 ha – water (drainage channel).

The land is located near the Šklėrių gravel cluster. According to the Research of the Lithuanian Geological Survey Department there are found aplenty minerals and gravel which quantity will be about 3,1 mln. cub. m. In the upper part of the geological section occurs ~0,4 m width overburden, which is covered by ~9,0 m width layer of gravel, and deeper lies ~9,0 m width layer of sand.


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