8 land plots for sale (Margio st.)

LLC Baltijos turto holdingas is selling residential plots in Skynimai village, in the new districts – 8 plots (1.7 ha) quarter in Margio street and 18 plots (4.3 ha) quarter in Miško street (on the other side of the highway).

The land plots are only 4 km from Trakai, next to the highway Vilnius-Marijampolė (A16). Location is very convenient for inhabitants of the capital – only 30 km from Vilnius.

The exact location of 8 plots quarter you can find here.

1.7 ha plot was divided into 8 living residential areas.

1) Margio st. 9: 14.08 a (sold); 5) Margio st. 1: 13.52 a (sold);
2) Margio st. 7: 13.39 a (sold); 6) Margio st. 2: 40.14 a;
3) Margio st. 5: 17.70 a; 7) Margio st. 4: 32.87 a;
4) Margio st. 3: 12.93 a (sold); 8) Margio st. 6: 25.37 a.

You can find out prices of the land plots for sale by phone or in an advertisement.

A new district is designed to build single or double family flat houses; permissible height of buildings is up to 10 meters. The land plot relief is almost even, moreover, the meadow prevails there. Street, which connects the plots, is given Margio street name.

In the end of 2016 electrical service connection for the each plot was provided, which permissible power is 10 kW (three-phase), with a possibility to increase it.

The Project for boreholes and connection of each land plot to water supply network was prepared. It is possible to install an individual borehole in each plot.

According to the accepted detailed plan will be as follows:

  • Domestic sewage management system – in each and separate homestead plot. After investigating a soil, it was ascertained that the soil is clayed and is not able to absorb the treated wastewater. The domestic sewage will be gathered together in the reservoir collection point of domestic sewage.
  • At each homestead a container site is expected to be where the sorted household waste will be collected.
  • All planned engineered networks in the territory are being paved in the anticipated servitude zones.

In the neighborhood territory some of the land plots are lying fallow, while in others residential homesteads have been established. Furthermore, the territory borders with the land state and local rural road.

The buildings are being reconstructed and newly constructed in Skynimai village, the aim of it is to have a uniform architectural style. The closest water reservoirs are located 1,5-2,0 km away from Skynimai village in some other Trakai municipal territories, they are easily accessed by vehicles.

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